Fundraising trailer for feature length documentary. Situated within the national "right to life" conversation, one family's decision confronts the realities of care-taking for those in a vegetative state and provokes the disputed question: what is life?

Getting Off the Streets chronicles the dramatic journey of four homeless men from the streets of Camden, New Jersey, who have an opportunity to change their lives. Over six months, our cameras followed them in a rigorous homelessness rehabilitation program. We see their triumphs and their setbacks as they struggle through counseling and tough love. Full series streaming on PBS.

A documentary short telling the story of Alex’s challenges reintegrating into society after incarceration in Philadelphia.

This process documentary short features the multidisciplinary collaboration of artists and composers as part of series exploring the four classical elements and their relationship to the city of Philadelphia.

An original online series about one small town's revival, featuring Deluxe® and Robert Herjavec.